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SiC Epitaxy Service
ETC offers a complete range of SiC Epitaxy specifications
Within a Class 100 SiC clean room, ETC offers the following Epitaxy Service on wafers from 2” to 200mm diameter:
  • 4H SiC blanket homoepitaxial layer, with a wide range of thicknesses and doping concentrations for both n and p type doping
  • A unique multistep high-growth-rate (HGR) epitaxial process for complex p-n junctions structures
  • A patented Virtual Substrate process for high thickness (>100µm) and low doping (<5x1013at/cm3) for sensors applications
  • 3C SiC heteroepitaxy on silicon on any diameter up to 200mm and most silicon orientations
ETC has two SiC epitaxial reactors ( ACiS M8 and ACiS M10 ) in operation to meet SiC Customers’ needs for R&D or volume production
Fig1 ETC Clean room view with
ACiSM10 & ACiS M8
epitaxial reactors in operation

Available processes:
  • TCS (SiHCl3) Low Growth rate n and p type
  • TCS (SiHCl3) High growth rate n and p type
  • Silane (SIH4) Standard Growth rate n and p type
  • Multi Epitaxy structures n and p type including high thicknesses
  • Doped and undoped 3C SiC on Si
Some examples of current capabilities
Fig2 Fig3
Fig4 Fig5
Characterization capability:
Epitaxial metrology services with a full characterization of SiC Epitaxy layers:
  • Layer thickness mapping: FTIR QS2200
  • Carrier concentration mapping and in-depth profiling: CV Mercury probe SSM 495
  • Nikon automatic inspection for defects mapping (bright field, dark field, DIC, confocal)
In the SiCilab:
  • X-Ray diffraction
    • Polar figures
    • Rocking curve maps
    • Stress measurements
    • Optical characterization
  • µ-Raman map
    • µ-Photoluminescence map
    • time-resolved photoluminescence
  • Electrical characterization
    • I-V and C-V by device test patterns
    • DLTS
  • Stress characterization by test structures (3C-SiC)
Fig6 SiC Characterization line
FTIR & HG CV equipments

In addition to a fast turnaround and high yield on developed products, ETC also offers:
  • Reactor process time for custom process development
  • Support for facilities design and SiC Tools installation
  • Support for any application using 4H and 3C silicon carbide
Fig7 Fig8
Fig9 Fig10
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