Epitaxial Technology Center
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E.T.C. (Epitaxial Technology Center) is a company working in the sector of solid state technology and production processes.
Since a few years E.T.C. target has been on epitaxial technologies and in particular on equipment and processes aimed at producing silicon and compound semiconductor materials.
Since 2001, E.T.C. investments has been focusing on SiC technologies.
Important research activities on SiC homoepitaxy has brought unique results, thanks also to all scientific Partners such as CNR IMM Institute, Physics Department of Catania University, Erlangen University and Politecnico of Milan.
95121 Catania Italy
16a strada - Pantano d’Arci
Blocco Torre Allegra
Tel. 095.748471 - FAX 095.292640
E.T.C. primary objective is to become world leader in silicon and wide bandgap semiconductors materials epitaxy.
Latest News
150mm Silicon Carbide epitaxial reactor.
As a part of LASTPOWER Project a new 150mm SiC reactor will be installed in ETC.
This reactor will allow ETC to run 150mm epitaxial wafers in a fast and very productive way.
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